Posted by: Providence Chamber of Commerce | July 8, 2010

Chamber Members: Showcase Your Business!

We are currently looking for some brief testimonials/positive comments about the Greater Providence Chamber to be featured in our new marketing materials, including a dynamic new video. This is a great way to gain exposure for your business!   Tell us how we have helped you with your business–networking? marketing exposure? connections? public policy?  You can post here or email Look forward to your positive feedback!


  1. While I was deployed to Afghanistan, RI was hit with the worst flood we have had in a long time. My business partner handled all the work himself while emailing me estimates and invoices to Afghanistan for me to proccess while he ran the day to day operations. This was a big turning point for our business. We can now afford to put money into better advertising. We owe this success to the Providence Chamber. When the flood hit, the chamber ran flood watch and update emails that included a list of businesses that offered help to flood victims. I filled this short form out from Afghanistan and we did about 50% of our jobs related to the flood directly from the Providence Chamber. The chamber itself along with members reffered us and in return we helped out a good number of people get through a crisis. This success has helped our company get on the map. To say “Thank You” to the chamber, I brought home with me from Afghanistan an American flag that I flew with me on combat missions as a C-130 Pilot (RI Air National Guard) and gave it to the Chamber along with a crew signed certificate of thanks!

  2. Kevin–Thanks so much for the endorsement! I’ll keep you posted on the video. You might be interviewed if you like….


  3. Ok sounds great! I look forward to it

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