Posted by: Providence Chamber of Commerce | October 22, 2010

Verify Your Membership Listing

The Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce is getting ready to publish our annual Business & Industry Directory. Chamber members are urged to log in to our web site http://www.providencechamber.comto ensure that your listing information is correct.

The Business & Industry Directory is mailed to every member of the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce. It is also distributed in response to outside inquiries about local goods and services, and is included in “relocation packets” for new businesses and families moving to Rhode Island. This year’s Directory, which is being published in conjunction with Rhode Island Monthly, will include a listing of all 1,800 Chamber member firms arranged by category. These listings will feature the company’s address, phone number and web site.

Please take a moment to review you information at

Thank you for ensuring that you are listed correctly is this up-to-date roster of more than 1,800 Rhode Island businesses. If you have any questions about your listing, call the Chamber at 401.521.5000. The deadline to make changes to your listing is Friday, October 29.

Watch for the Directory in early 2011!

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