Posted by: Providence Chamber of Commerce | January 13, 2011

Great News From Electric Boat

What is the business outlook for Electric Boat in 2011? STRONG!

We were excited to hear John Casey, president of Electric Boat Corporation say those exact words during the annual business outlook address for the corporation given at the Quonset Point Facility earlier this week. During the presentation he not only stated that the business outlook for Electric Boat is STRONG, but added that the employment outlook is positive with 400 NEW jobs being created by 2012 in the trades industry and the company will continue to be a strong corporate citizen. Electric Boat is also expanding its facilities at the Quonset Point location. 

This is all great news!

In the words of President Casey, in his eight years presenting the company’s business outlook, “I have never been more optimistic and positive about the future.”

The Chamber was pleased to be invited to this meeting which was attended by members of Rhode Island’s Congressional delegation as well as Governor Chafee, Senate President Teresa Paiva-Weed and members of the General Assembly

– Janet Raymond, senior vice president Economic Development and Operations


  1. More jobs at Quonset!

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