Posted by: Providence Chamber of Commerce | February 4, 2011

Beacon Mutual Issues “Safety Alert” On Safe Rooftop Snow Removal

Thank you our friends at Beacon Mutual Insurance Company for providing us this important information!

The Beacon Mutual Insurance Company issued a “Safety Alert” to their policyholders today with information about the dangers of rooftop snow and best practices to remove it.

In response to a very active winter season, many general contractors and roofing companies have engaged in the business of rooftop snow removal.  Additionally, with snow continuing to pile up, many employers are asking employees to assist in clearing the snow that has accumulated on their buildings.

In issuing the safety alert, Beacon Mutual CEO James Rosati said, “This type of work by its nature is extremely hazardous and these employees, though willing, may not be properly trained to recognize the hazards they face. Working on snow-covered rooftops poses significant dangers, including serious falls and exposure to extreme cold.  We want to make sure that employees and employers fully understand the risks presented by rooftop snow and how to safely go about removing it.”

The alert cites US Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sources describing, some of the common hazards associated with rooftop snow removal.  These hazards include: electric shock from contact with downed power lines or the use of ungrounded electrical equipment; falls while working in aerial lifts or ladders; and blows from falling tree limbs.

Some of the safety topics mentioned are: How to go about proper planning and preparation; How to safely access a roof; and How to go about removing snow from a flat roof.

The safety alert, which is available to all Rhode Island businesses, can be viewed at

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