Posted by: Providence Chamber of Commerce | February 18, 2011

Chafee And Team Head To Knowledge Economy In Houston

As Governor Chafee, Mayor Taveras and the delegation of university leaders head off to Houston this weekend, the Chamber is enthusiastic about the potential for moving forward with a firm vision of how to fully build out the Knowledge District in Providence. URI President Dave Dooley, Brown University President Ruth Simmons, RIEDC Director Keith Stokes and Chafee Chief of Staff Patrick Rogers also will join the Governor and the Mayor on the trip to the Texas Medical Center complex.

TMC features the largest concentration of medical facilities in the world!  More than 93,000 people work within its enterprises. The TMC footprint extends to over 1000 acres and 31 million gross square feet of space — equivalent to the 12th largest business district in the United States.  Just as importantly, more than 71,500 students ranging from high school level to advanced degree candidates are engaged in disciplines ranging from pharmacy and dental to physician training and research.  Collectively, this facet of the knowledge economy in Houston generates $14 billion in economic impact to the community.

What the Chamber is most enthusiastic about is the opportunity for the Rhode Island delegation to spend time together to think through and develop consensus on how to move forward with Rhode Island’s Knowlege District

Photo Credit: Rainer Ebert

planning. Congratulations to the Governor and the Mayor and to all those involved in laying the ground work for the trip and approaching this assignment with an open and eager mind. 

By Laurie White, President

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