Posted by: Providence Chamber of Commerce | March 31, 2011

Business Tax Update

The Senate Finance Committee will meet today at 3:00 p.m. to hear testimony on Article 25 of Governor Chafee’s proposed budget. Leaders of the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce will be in attendance to strongly oppose changes to the Job Development Act and the introduction of Combined Reporting. Committee hearings on the proposed expansion of the sales tax will be held on April 13th.

Meanwhile, we would like to report back to the membership on the results of the survey conducted earlier this month. We received an overwhelming amount of passionate feedback and commentary. More than 780 responses were recorded; 61 percent of you oppose the two-tiered sales tax. Over and over, you decried the run up in state spending and the huge exposure to outsized pension and employee benefit costs. Your sentiments will be the basis for the Chamber’s organized opposition.

Click here to see the survey results and some of the comments that were offered.

Are you angry? Please consider joining us on April 13th at the State House at 1:00 p.m. when the Chamber will testify before the House Finance Committee in opposition to the proposed sales tax scheme.

Be there. Be visible. Be forceful in opposing this $165 million tax hike on business and consumers.

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