Posted by: Providence Chamber of Commerce | April 4, 2011

Join the petition to opppose sales/tax changes effecting your business

The Chamber and many business and consumer organizations are banding together to oppose the sweeping changes to the state’s sales and corporate tax structure. As you well know, dozens and dozens of industries would be effected by the $165 million tax hike.

A major hearing will be held at the State House on April 13th at 1 p.m. where formal testimony will be delivered on behalf of business. To demonstrate the breadth and depth of support for this position, we are compiling a virtual petition.

Click here to  add your name to the petition!

Stay tuned for more information in coming days!


  1. […] View post: Join the petition to opppose sales/tax changes effecting your … […]

    • Please add my name to the petition to oppose changes to tax laws.

      • Our leaders in the legislature don’t appear to even try with all those proposed fat raises, so why should we. No more taxation & less spending

    • They give nice pay raises to their staff, and tax tax tax us. I’m disgusted.
      “No!” to any more tax es of any kind upon anyone!!!

    • I was so excited when I heard our sales tax would be reduced BUT in fact it will be spread to areas that should NEVER be taxed. The proposals are the wrong direction. I feel that 7% is too high but I’ll keep that rather than the Govenor’s proposal/

  2. I am not in favor of any tax hikes until the structural deficits and unfunded mandates are addressed!

  3. I am a ppac patron, please do not raise the sales tax, there are other ways to balance the budget, such as cut salaries of the government and staff, cars given to staff, etc

    if you raise tax on PPAC, you hurt all of the state’s tourism, the people who would come in from out of state to see the shows, thank you

  4. Spending is out of control everywhere. We should start with NOT spending money we do not have!! Taxation to artistic endeavors, businesses etc is not the answer…

    I have been a PPAC patron for many years and support the good work they are doing for our community. summer camp for children etc…

  5. I strongly oppose the tax hike proposed by Mr Chaffee.
    It will have an adverse affect on numerous businesses including the community hospital that has employed me for over 30 years.

    Come on folks, deal with the root cause of budget problems. STOP covering the issues up with a bandaid plan.

    Reduce ridiculous state employee pensions. Eliminate recent pay increase to general assemly members. Now is not the time for pay increases.

  6. Taxing the arts is an easy way out. This heavy burden on an already fragile
    economy will be the death knell. The state and city of Providence needs to take a hard look at the shameful waste of current tax funds and think more about cutting
    programs that encourage the slothful status quo.




  8. They need to learn to cut spending and tighten their belt just like all taxing paying citizens have done, not increase taxes!!! These guys are a bunch of crooks!

  9. In spite of the spelling errors in this message, I oppose any additional taxes. It is imperative that we educate our young people in the arts. Schools are having to cut art, music, and field trips. Most children will never see a live play or performance, and increasing ticket prices will further ensure that families cannot afford such an educational and enriching experience.

  10. enough is enough, we are up to our eyeballs with taxes.

  11. Must be nice to say we need more money let’s tax the people again. If you can’t afford it stop spending it.

  12. I strongly oppose any and all taxes to Rhode Island Business.
    How can we sustain or attract business to our depressed state with more taxation. Are you kidding me? We will continue to stay among the worst states for business and econmic growth
    and continue to lose our younger generation to other states.
    This idea represses business growth and is a horrible idea by Governor Chaffe and his economic advisors. Wake up Rhode Islanders. Please be vocal and voice your opinion!

  13. Our assembly and Gov. all say, small business is the backbone of our state and economy as a whole. Then why are you going to increase taxes on the small businesses that are keeping this state going? Enough is enough-cut spending!!!

  14. We at Gold Machinery, a 3rd generation family machinery business in Rhode Island and 6th generation family, STRONGLY OPPOSE Govenor Gump’s proposed tax increases.
    We STRONGLY SUPPORT cutting expenses at the state level…much needed.

  15. This is not the time to raise taxes. It is time to bite the bullet by cutting outlandish programs, salaries and consultants. And let’s not talk about giving the Legislative workers pay raises. They should be given a pay cut as they are mostly politically connected croneism jobs.

  16. More Taxes, While people are still getting Big Raises,What Is Going On HERE!!! I STRONGLY OPPOSE THE TAX HIKES, BALANCE THE BUDGET!!! QUIT PUTTING THE BLAME ON THE WRONG PEOPLE!!!

  17. Do not raise or create new taxes. I just came back from Florida. I was visiting four couples who have had enough of Rhode Island and the spending practices of the politicians in this state. Wake up or all you’ll have left are people who don’t pay taxes. When the money isn’t there, spend less. That’s how most of us keep our budgets balanced.

  18. Stop the madness! Enough said.

  19. To Whom It May Concern – the additional taxes the Gov wants makes little business sense in the long run – RI has always taken the easy way out – it is why we have this problem – putting a tax where it does NOT belong is short sighted – i am sure if most of us had 10% of the Gov’s money we would agree with the tax – i hope Gov deals with the real problem which involves unions and retirement before 55. my accountant says i am crazy for living in RI. From a tax point i am –

  20. More Taxes!!!!!!!!No! NO! NO! WHY? WHY? Why? Cut back government needless spending and wastage that is taking place from the states to the Federal Government

  21. I have been a PPAC patron for many years and my continued support depends on ticket prices being reasonable priced. I come from out of state to attend shows but will not continue to do so if tickets are taxed.

  22. Halt handouts and support the pocketbooks of those who are paying for EVERYTHING in this state. Greed and corruption have become the watchword and I do not want to pay for it any longer. Give a care about the taxpayers, the arts and honest businesses for a change.

  23. I have been a PPAC patron for many years and my continued support depends on ticket prices being reasonable priced. I too come from out of state to attend shows but will not continue to do so if tickets are taxed.

  24. Adopting the Gov.’s proposed tax package, as is, will, in all probability, make the arts in RI unavailable to many people who attend PPAC and other venues. What a shame to think that supposedly intellegent people cannot come up with other ways to solve our state’s problems without taking the cultural aspect of life away from many of our tax-paying citizens. What kind of life will it be in RI if a good number of our citizens go to work , go home, go to work, go home….? I refuse to believe that there is not a better way to balance the budget.

  25. The General Assembly do not pay fro medical for themselves or their families.

    After 10 years of service a member is entitled to a state pension, but has not contributed any money in the 10 years

    A G A menmber has RI car registration plates at no charge for the duration of his term The car is his burt wife or children may drive the auto with STATE plates and many times have parked in “no parking” areas.
    Never saw a ticket on the windshield.

    Now Mr. Chaffee would like to raise the beach fees DOUBLE last years fee. So with the high cost of gas and the extra beach fee we no longer are able to enjoy a care free summer day

  26. I don’t understand it why can’t they shrink government instead of adding another tax just to justify their jobs . I oppose all these tax increases

  27. I am opposed to the proposed tax increases because it helpts to put these cultural events out of the reach of many less-financially-fortunate people.

  28. Do not start adding taxes to businesses! Everyone will move out of RI. Please reduce State Employees’ pensions.

  29. Please vote against any tax increase.

  30. I have been a PPAC patron for many years and my continued support depends on ticket prices being reasonable priced. I too come from out of state to attend shows but will not continue to do so if tickets are taxed.

  31. It seems odd when all the constituents know there shouldn’t be any more burdens placed on tax payers, but the officals elected by them are making the right choices.

    People and businesses leaving our state cannot be replaced by more taxes on the ones left behind.

    People will leave and if this passes shop in other places as well. I cannot see any kind ecomonic growth as a result of more taxation!

  32. I am not in favor of any tax that would affect the arts. Please do something about the illegal aliens and others that fraudulently gain monetary benefits from hard working U.S. citizens to save money as opposed to this type of tax. Thank you.

  33. Should say elected officals *** aren’t **** making the right decisions

  34. Enough is enough!!!!!!

  35. Please no new tax increase.

  36. This needs to stop immediately. We are loosing more & more R.I. residents every year as the taxes have made it very difficult to live here. It’s a fact & a shame that many college graduates don’t even consider looking for a job in this state because of the cost of living. It’s beginning to sound better & better to move from the “tax infested state”. The powers that be need to stop the insanity! Florida?? mmmmmmm

  37. I am opposed to proposed tax increases, and strongly support cutting expenses at State level.

  38. More taxes? Seriously! As if the people aren’t taxed enough as it is! People are being taxed to death and those funds wind up misappropriated.

  39. People are being taxed out of existence! And it’s always the same story – fat cats on state or national “Capitol Hills” reap the financial benefits. Nothing gets done in the interests of the people. It’s time to revolt.


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