Posted by: Providence Chamber of Commerce | April 28, 2011

Saluting Governor Chafee: Tomorrow’s big trip to Baltimore

On the eve of our economic development mission to Baltimore, the Chamber would like to commend Governor Chafee for convening this important trip and for focusing squarely on job development in the Knowledge District.

I will be traveling tomorrow with the Governor and a delegation of state leaders to the University of Maryland Medical Center and BioPark. The purpose of the trip is to understand how Baltimore created a thriving academic, medical and entrepreneurial environment and to determine ways in which their experiences could inform our own plans for Providence. This is the second such trip the Governor has organized. 

We start the day at UMMC with an overview and history of the “West Side Development,” followed by a walking tour.  Points of interest include the medical, dental and pharmacy schools. A working lunch will take place at the University of Maryland’s BioPark with the discussion focused on life sciences-centered urban economic development.

Senior elected officials from the Baltimore area will also be present to talk about the role government has played in the city’s revitalization.  The day will conclude with a look at how to engage an entire community’s workforce in the vision and execution.

The Chamber is committed to working with Governor Chafee and Mayor Taveras to develop our own Knowledge District in a smart, forward-looking, deliberate way that will result in both immediate and long term benefits for the city and the state.

We are extremely impressed by the level of collaboration between and among our political leaders and our medical and academic institutions.  The business and entrepreneurial communities have strong roles to the play, as well, are we are energized.

I will blog and tweet about the trip all day tomorrow, so check back often.

— Laurie White, president

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