Posted by: Providence Chamber of Commerce | April 29, 2011

Teacher for a Day

Today, I had the pleasure of teaching Mrs. Ciccarone’s first grade class at the Carl Lauro School in Providence. As a member of the Junior Achievement Board of Directors, I am responsible for teaching one class every three years. Junior Achievement provides the curriculum and volunteers teach the class with the assistance of the teacher.

I was overwhelmed by the reception I received from the students. We learned about families, the difference between needs and wants and various jobs that are available. We also stressed the importance of school to learn the skills needed for future jobs.

The students were terrific, well behaved and focused. They learned the lessons very quickly. They did an awesome job!! This was my first expereince teaching and I can truly say it was a terrific expereince and the students made me feel so welcomed. The highlight was the group hug from the students at the conclusion of the claass. Thanks to Mrs. Ciccarone and her help which made this experience so wonderful. I will definitely volunteer again!

– Janet Raymond, SVP Economic Development & Operations

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