Posted by: Providence Chamber of Commerce | June 15, 2011

RI Quality Institute’s Healthcare Innovation: Currentcare

Laura L. Adams, President and CEO of the RI Quality Institute, presented promising information in the world of health IT advances at the Innovation Providence Implementation Council (IPIC) meeting today.  Laura’s talk “Exploring Health IT Advances in RI and the Potential for Innovation,” prompted dialogue on the current inefficient state of healthcare information flow and the possibilities for significant improvements, on a statewide level, that will improve quality, safety and long-term value.

The RI Quality Institute has been recognized nationally for their advances in connectivity within the healthcare community and has been awarded significant grant investments to create their patient-centric design. “Currentcare” is the information exchange service under development by the RI Quality Institute.  The ability to implement research engines, workflow redesign, and patient analytics, while inspiring new product development, are all potential outcomes of this application.

“We’re building significant infrastructure and assets that are foundational to transforming the healthcare system,” saidAdams.  “We can test ideas fairly quickly and have the national visibility to get them noticed.  As a result, we are routinely approached by partners outside of RI who ask me ‘what can we do to contribute to RI’s innovation community?’”

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