Posted by: Providence Chamber of Commerce | July 7, 2011

2011 GPCC Legislative Advocacy Highlights

GPCC’s Government Affairs Team advocated on behalf of pro-business legislation or amendments regarding a number of bills that were considered in the 2011 legislative session—bills that had the potential to profoundly affect the Rhode Island business community.  Over the next few days we will take a moment to reflect upon the status of proposed legislation and the ultimate outcomes:

Sales Tax Expansion of $165 Million: Not Enacted
Strongly opposed by the Chamber, the sales tax expansion was limited to five new items, totaling only $17 million. The corporate minimum tax, however, is now extended to LLPs and LLCs.  

Combined Reporting Taxation: Not Enacted
Strongly opposed by the Chamber, the tax measure would have hurt local companies with multi-state affiliates that employ significant numbers of people in Rhode Island and have property or headquarters operations.               

Taxation of Digital Goods and Services: Not Enacted With Overreaching Language
Strongly opposed by the Chamber, the original measure would have placed Rhode Island as one of the very worst states in the nation regarding sales tax policy on digital goods and digital automated services typical to cloud computing.   

Route 195 Development Commission: Enacted
Strongly supported by the Chamber in its amended form, the legislation will allow an expedited framework for growing the knowledge economy in Providence in accordance with local zoning and development regulations. Further, the measure allows Johnson and Wales University to purchase irregularly shaped surplus highway parcels and begin immediate construction in the Knowledge District.

More updates tomorrow…

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