Posted by: Providence Chamber of Commerce | July 12, 2011

Dormcubator: creating student ambassadors for RI businesses

Hope Street Media found the perfect audience for their smartphone app development focus group in the inaugural Dormcubator class, a project sponsored by the GPCC, RI Foundation and Providence Economic Development Partnership’s Round 3 IPIC grants.  Hope Street Media was soliciting commentary from the upper class students (representing all 10 Rhode Island colleges and universities) that revealed how students get information; share information with their peers; respond to calls for action– through smartphone communications. It was a very productive discussion.

Dormcubator is a summer pilot program created to promote connectivity between corporate partners and college students, in order to develop a better skilled workforce for RI businesses; and provide students with rich entrepreneurial experiences that will foster post-graduation employment options in the OceanState.  The students in turn, become ambassadors for the program at their respective campuses– sharing their exciting internship experiences and community interactions with other students.  The goal is to create an exciting employment climate for businesses and students inRhode Island.

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