Posted by: Providence Chamber of Commerce | July 13, 2011

GPCC’s Business Travel Data Collection Project Highlighted In Projo

GPCC’s latest endeavor, collecting local business travel data for RIAC, was highlighted in 7/12 Projo article:

Keeping TF Green in the Market

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Barbara Polichetti    Email

WARWICK, R.I. — The marketing never stops.

For Kevin Dillon, president of the Rhode Island Airport Corporation, the job of making sure that airlines — be they large or small — know the benefits of flying in and out of T.F. Green airport has no season.

He is in almost constant contact with the airlines, he says, trying to keep the current roster of tenants at Green, attract new carriers, or get airlines to expand their local schedules.

Now, Dillon is teaming up with the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce to gather corporate data that will help him better show airlines why Green is the place they want to be.

“The information the Chamber can collect can be invaluable to me in dealing with the airlines,” Dillon said Tuesday. “We’re looking to determine which routes and destinations are most sought after by Rhode Island companies and what some of their travel budgets are.

“That way, when I sit down with an airline, I can give them some of the information they crave,” he said. “I can show them what businesses we have and what some of their travel needs are. … You have to remember that we are constantly competing with 450 other commercial service airports nationwide.”

Dillon said he approached the Chamber about a month ago and Chamber President Laurie White said the business group has begun soliciting information from some of the state’s larger corporations. “The airport is a great facility and significant part of our economy,” she said. “Also the better the fares and (flight options) the better it is for our business community.”

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