Posted by: Providence Chamber of Commerce | July 28, 2011

GPCC President Guest on Helen Glover Show

Responding to the low ranking published in the CNBC study–placing Rhode Island dead last as conducive for business– Laurie White, a guest on today’s Helen Glover Show (whjj 920 AM) commented that Rhode Island needs to continue making significant regulatory adjustments and dramatically increase investment dollars for new business ventures, to make a real impact on our status.  However, Laurie also noted that the Top States for Business Study was conducted prior to the end of this year’s legislative session, in which the business community resoundingly advocated for relief and the General Assembly listened.  This Legislature, driven by concerned government leadership, provided some positive assistance through the drop in the personal income tax, which was not reflected in this study.

However, there is still much work to be done to raise our friendliness rating for attracting and holding on to Rhode Island businesses. As Laurie summed up her remarks she stated, “We need a systematic attitude adjustment here in Rhode Island that ‘business is good.'”

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