Posted by: Providence Chamber of Commerce | August 2, 2011

RIBX 2012 Request for Presentation Proposals

GPCC is cultivating recommendations for innovative seminar topic ideas in preparation for RIBX 2012.  Specifically, the Chamber is looking for local industry experts to suggest interactive presentations that feature cutting edge solutions, modern technologies and must-know information. The goal is to provide RIBX 2012 attendees with “aha moments” that promote conversations and idea exchanges, as well as provide effective methodologies for daily business practices. RIBX 2012 will be held at the RI Convention Center on May 3rd.

RIBX is Rhode Island’s largest and most productive business-t0-business educational and networking event, attracting thousands of local business professionals across all industries–including start up and entrepreneurial ventures.  GPCC designed this annual one day exhibition to reenergize the business community through dynamic workshops and educational seminar tracts that run throughout the day.

Please click on the RIBX 2012 Save the Date icon for more detailed information on the application process, or contact GPCC’s Paula Hopkins at  The presentation application deadline is September 15, 2011.

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