Posted by: Providence Chamber of Commerce | August 9, 2011

Fitted Fashion Looking for Test Models

Fitted Fashion (one of the select 2011 Betaspring incubator companies at One Davol Square in Providence), is looking for women and men to participate in a limited beta test offer, which expires on August 26, 2011.  Fitted Fashion developed a cutting edge digital tailoring system to accurately and easily construct customized, made-to-order garments. The customer’s body is scanned and measured through a digital tailor, taking only 3 minutes to complete.  The measurement information is confidentially stored and forwarded to the tailor for production. Once the measurements have been computed, new orders are easily created online.

The fit-based beta test for women includes a pair of custom hand-made jeans for $50 (retail $200) or a button down dress shirt for $40 (retail $90).  For men, Fitted Fashion offers a custom fitted business suit for $350 (retail $700) and a dress shirt for $50 (retail $100).  Each of these items is designed to order–where participants choose from different cuts, styles, fabrics and looks–and the fit is guaranteed!

In return for receiving the clothes at cost through this special offer, the entrepreneurs at Fitted Fashion are looking for focused feedback from participants to assist in their marketing promotions and financing solicitations.   For more information, or to set up an appointment email or call (401)-648-7115.

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