Posted by: Providence Chamber of Commerce | August 17, 2011

GPCC Participates in Fitted Fashion Beta Test

Monday, GPCC ventured over to the Betaspring office of Fitted Fashion to participate in the limited time beta test for women’s made to order jeans and dress shirts –and for men, perfectly tailored suits and monogrammed dress shirts.  The first step in this process to obtain proportioned attire was easy, fun and took all of three minutes to complete.  In two – three weeks, when the hand made garments arrive, Beta participants are asked to comment on fit, process expectations and other general insights for Fitted Fashion’s product development and marketing strategies.

Jessica Desautels, a recent RISD grad and intern at Fitted Fashion demonstrated the digital tailor, which calibrates head to toe measurements in 45 seconds while the customer listens to classical music in a private booth.  To obtain accurate results, customers must wear plain, light toned undergarments (which they provide if you are wearing, let’s say green boxers on the day of your scan), long hair must be up and you need to stand perfectly still during the tech measurements, which remain confidential.

After the digital tailor is complete, jean customers fill out a design preference form indicating options in fabric wash, rise, cut and style.  Dress shirt and suit orders offer dozens of fabric selections and design alternatives.  For participating beta test customers, jeans normally priced at $200 are available for $50; dress shirts for women, normally $90 are $40; men’s $700 suits are $350 and dress shirts priced at $100 are $50.  For more information or to make an appointment prior to the end of the beta test on August 26th, email  or call (401)-648-7115.

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