Posted by: Providence Chamber of Commerce | September 7, 2011

RI Division of Taxation Extends Filing Deadline

The Rhode Island Division of Taxation is granting a one-week extension for the filing of tax returns that would normally be due September 15. The new deadline will be September 22. Rhode Island Tax Administrator David M. Sullivan extended the deadline as a result of the impact on businesses and their tax preparers from Tropical Storm Irene.

Although the one-week extension is for all returns that would normally be due on September 15, it will mainly affect Rhode Island corporate returns that are already on extension. In general, such returns were originally due March 15, but taxpayers took advantage of the usual six-month filing extension, to September 15. With the Tax Administrator’s announcement today, those returns will now be due September 22.

Sullivan stressed that it is a one-week extension of the time for filing, not for paying. Any payments that would normally be due September 15 – including quarterly estimated payments for individuals, and final payments that might accompany a corporate return, for example – still must be made by September 15. Otherwise, the taxpayer could be subject to penalty plus interest.

Extending the Rhode Island filing deadline will also make filing more convenient for taxpayers and their preparers because the Internal Revenue Service has extended the federal filing deadline by a week. The IRS on September1 announced that it is granting taxpayers whose preparers were affected by the storm until September 22 to file returns normally due September 15.

Anyone planning to file a Rhode Island tax return by the new September 22 deadline should file electronically, said Peter McVay, associate director of revenue services. Efiling is convenient, results in fewer errors, and generates refunds more quickly, he said.

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