Posted by: Providence Chamber of Commerce | September 21, 2011

Wall Street Journal Washington Bureau Chief Addresses RI Business Leaders

Wall Street Journal Washington Bureau Chief Gerald Seib gave the keynote luncheon address at today’s Annual Rhode Island Business Leaders Day with Senator Jack Read in Washington, D.C.  Over 100 executives attended the forum.

Seib’s remarks referenced the latest Wall Street Journal-NBC Poll, which characterized Americans as in a state of fear, angry and economically depressed.  He also expounded on “how things get done” in Washington and identified some of the dynamics which hamper progress for reform within our federal government. He offered that the current trend in “commuter representation” has diminished the opportunities for non-partisan alliance development and that partisan politics is considered “safe”, if not productive.  If the country is to realign, he feels that the emergence of genuine leadership is the key.  He also felt that the electorate is galvanizing to send a strong message in the next election that compromise is fundamental, expected and critical for a return to economic prosperity.

GPCC President Laurie White has posted up to the minute updates on the forum through Twitter. You can catch her updates by following the Chamber on Twitter at Provchamber.

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