Posted by: Providence Chamber of Commerce | November 22, 2011

Local Businesses Challenged to Be a Part of Business Attraction

The challenge has been made. Rhode Island businesses need to tap into their LinkedIn connections and open their rolodexes to answer the question, “Who do you know that can benefit from being located in Rhode Island?”

The answers to that simple question will help drive a new collaborative effort between the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce, the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation and the City of Providence. While still in the early stages of development, the collaboration is being shaped around the idea of increasing business attraction efforts.

A newly created marketing video, promoting the effort, was released at the Chamber’s Annual Meeting Monday night. Click here to watch the high impact video

The new campaign, unveiled by Ximedica President Steve Lane, aims to higlight the 600-acre Knowledge District and its core community of researchers, designers and entrepreneurs.  

“It’s time that we take pride in what we have, right here right now” said Lane, who serves on the Chamber’s Board of Trustees and on the EDC Board of Directors. “That’s what Knowledge Providence needs to power it to the next level. We need to show the world what we already know to be true, there are good things happening here.”

It was a sentiment echoed by Chamber President Laurie White.

“We all know that Rhode Island has the power to invest in design and improve,” she told the crowd of more than 700. “Our goal is to serve as a catalyst for business development, while at the same time inspiring our citizens, businesses, universities and entrepreneurs to help us identify and recruit new people and ideas to our City and State.”

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