Posted by: Providence Chamber of Commerce | December 22, 2011

GPCC to Warwick City Council: No More Delays with RIAC

Chamber President Laurie White urged members of the Warwick City Council to open lines of communication with officials from the Rhode Island Airport Corporation and negotiate the issues surrounding airport improvements.

White’s comments were in response to the Council’s creation of a subcommittee to monitor its appeal of the Federal Aviation Administration’s approval of TF Green’s Master Plan.  The Federal appeal, filed in November, could delay the start of construction on the project by as much as 18 months.

“We are here tonight to testify in support of this committee, if it means that this important project can move forward,” White said. “We encourage you to work expeditiously, with the goal of dropping the appeal and breaking ground.”

Last month, the Chamber joined the Rhode Island Building and Construction Trades Council to voice disappointment in the Warwick City Council’s decision to appeal the Federal Aviation Administration’s approval of the TF Green Master Plan.  The two groups co-authored a letter to council members urging them to withdraw the appeal and let the improvements move forward.  

The process of lengthening the runway and making improvements to the state’s largest commercial airport has gone on far too long — with the project spanning more than two decades. 
                                                                                                                                                           The Chamber firmly believes the FAA’s approval of the plan, issued last summer, provides a balanced and fair development option that also considers the needs of the local community and state. And it comes after a thorough, careful and inclusive study of the impacts to the residents, the community and the environment

The Chamber remains committed to working with the Rhode Island Airport Corporation, the FAA and the host community to get this important project completed.

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