Posted by: Providence Chamber of Commerce | January 9, 2012

RI Foundation Innundated with Innovative Ideas for RI

Last fall, The Rhode Island Foundation launched the Rhode Island Innovation Fellowship to stimulate solutions to Rhode Island challenges. When the deadline closed on December 23, the foundation had received more than 430 letters of intent for the Fellowship and were, “blown away by the response!”

Applicants submitted ideas for tackling issues ranging from energy to food to economic development to technology to government to teaching, and more. They come from diverse backgrounds and bring an impressive array of experience.

“The generous, can-do spirit with which people responded to this opportunity was inspiring. We are grateful to Letitia and John Carter for making this program possible, to members of our selection panel, and to those who helped spread the word. We have never been more optimistic for Rhode Island’s future,” stated the foundation in a release.

A selection panel will review the applications over the next few months, and are expected to name the first two Rhode Island Innovation Fellows in April. Fellows will receive up to $300,000 over three years to develop, test, and implement innovative ideas that have the potential to dramatically improve life in Rhode Island

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