Posted by: Providence Chamber of Commerce | January 10, 2012

GPCC to Testify at RI House Committee Hearing on Higher Ed Affordability & Accessibility Today

The Chamber is bringing the voice of the business community to the House Committee to Study Higher Education Affordability and Accessibility.

Janet Raymond, senior vice president of Economic Development and Operations will join Department of Labor and Training Director Charles J. Fogarty and Dr. Nancy Hoffman, vice president and senior advisor of Jobs for the Future, a national nonprofit based in Boston that focuses on improving educational and workforce outcomes for low-income young people and adults, in addressing the Committee this afternoon.

Raymond is expected to talk about work the Chamber, its members and the larger business community are doing to align Rhode Island’s educational and publicly funded workforce development system with the demand of local businesses.  She will focus on the importance of fostering academic-industry collaboration, student engagement and skills development in her remarks.

The commission, which was established last year by legislation by House Speaker Gordon Fox and is led by Representative  Frank Ferri, is charged with studying the affordability and accessibility of public higher education in Rhode Island.

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