Posted by: Providence Chamber of Commerce | February 28, 2012

Chamber Supports State Public Transportation Investment Bill

Public transportation links people to jobs, health care, and family. It also contributes to economic growth by connecting businesses to customers. That’s why the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce is encouraging passage of  House Bill 7581, an Act Relating to Public Transit Investment.

In a letter of support sent to Rep. Helio Melo, chairman of the House Finance Committee, the Chamber said the measure addresses the critical need to invest in Rhode Island’s transportation infrastructure including public transportation and mass transit — while reducing the state’s over-reliance on federal borrowing. The letter added that while the proposal does come with financial implications, we believe deferring the problem will only increase the cost of doing business in Rhode Island and ultimately undermine the state’s economic recovery.

Click here to read the letter.

The Chamber will continue to support investments that enable people to easily travel between their homes and jobs, schools, and day-to-day services, as we firmly believe that when transportation systems are efficient, they provide economic  opportunities and benefits that result in positive effects such as better accessibility to markets, employment and additional investments.

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