Posted by: Providence Chamber of Commerce | March 21, 2012

Seeds of Success: Professional Podium Tactics for Nailing the Perfect Speech

You may have heard that more people fear public speaking than death. Fear not; follow these surefire tips and you’ll be remembered as a stunning orator long after the mic is turned off.

  • Cause for pause? Slow down when beginning your speech. People will tune out if they sense you’re in a rush. A well-timed pause can pique interest; use it wisely.
  • Don’t get bogged down by thousands of facts. Focus on the essence of your message and present supporting data in a clear, relevant manner.
  • Never wing it. But don’t over plan either. Know your message by heart and bring note cards to mentally guide you in a coherent way.
  • Don’t focus on the whole audience; focus on individual audience members. In a room of 300, there’s no way to connect with everyone. Key into a few people and present to them. You’ll feel more at ease and your delivery will be more conversational.

Developing a planned approach to public speaking is only one part of the puzzle. For more on overcoming stage fright visit

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