Posted by: Providence Chamber of Commerce | July 5, 2012

FREE New Benefit for your employees!

Would you like to offer a new benefit for your employees or association members?

RIRx includes savings on prescription drugs, prescription eye glasses, teeth whitening systems, hearing aids, diabetic supplies, and dental networks.

Did you know the majority of TV commercials promote drugs that are typically not covered by most health insurance providers, leaving their customers paying even more out of pocket?  This is common for those who have health insurance coverage with limited prescription benefits, which is typical in many health savings accounts (HSA) and high deductible health plans. Non-covered drugs are used to treat sexual wellness, weight loss, smoking cessation, birth control and fertility, depression, attention deficit disorders, blood pressure regulation, and more.  Your employees may receive huge savings through utilization of  the RIRx Card.  The Rhode Island Rx Card can be used to discount prescription medications that are not covered by Medicare and Medicaid as well. There are no applications or eligibility requirements to obtain a card. The best part ~ it’s COMPLETELY FREE!!  FREE for your business, FREE for your employees, FREE for your members!

Contact Sue Stenhouse at for more information on adding this great program to your company’s benefit package.

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