Posted by: Providence Chamber of Commerce | August 27, 2012

Chamber Urges Support for Improved Rail Service

An effective high speed rail service is vital to the state’s economic growth. Investing in and supporting the region’s high-speed rail will generate quality jobs at small businesses all along the northeast corridor.

That was the message the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce delivered last week during a hearing by the Federal Railroad Administration. The session was the last in a series of nine the agency held to get feedback on the NEC Future program, a comprehensive planning effort to define, evaluate and prioritize future investments in the Northeast Corridor (NEC), launched by the Federal Railroad Administration. FRA’s work will include new ideas and approaches to grow the region’s intercity, commuter and freight rail services and an environmental evaluation of proposed transportation alternatives.

Click here to read the full letter submitted to the NEC.

The Chamber urged the FRA to develop an intercity rail investment plan that enhances the economic productivity and competitiveness of the Northeast megaregion’s major job centers, one which includes the capital city of Providence by reducing travel times between major markets. In addition, the Chamber asked that every effort should be made to coordinate NEC Future with other planning work already underway on regional and commuter projects. (Rhode Island already has several commuter rail studies underway to expand commuter rail service to the various parts of the state.)


There is still time for you to weigh in on this important debate. Business travelers are encouraged to provide comments at

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