Posted by: Providence Chamber of Commerce | September 24, 2012

Pledge to Support Education in Rhode Island


Parents, students, administrators, citizens, policy makers, business — everyone has a role to play in education.

What can you do? Pledge your commitment to education in Rhode Isalnd at

A broad coalition, including the Chamber, has joined together to launch “I Pledge,” a campaign designed to generate a positive rallying cry around education and show support for our educators and students. Funded by The Rhode Island Foundation and the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, the campaign centers on a website,, which offers students, parents, families, teachers, administrators, elected officials, and interested citizens a menu of positive, proactive pledges from which to choose.

Rhode Island has made great progress in advancing education as a result of not only our two historic federal Race to the Top grants totaling $125 million, but also the opportunities for enhanced collaboration that these grants have made possible.

Through this unwavering commitment, we as a community are finding success. Let’s keep moving forward. Click here to see an interactive map, indicating how committed your city or town is!

Be a champion for education – make your pledge today! Visit

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